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Foam-in-Place: Taking Protective Packaging to the Next Level

December 20, 2018

The Importance of Protective Packaging

Imagine you’re shopping online for a gift. You finally come across exactly what you’re looking for and decide to make the purchase. A week later, your order arrives, but you’re devastated (and frustrated!) to find that the product has been damaged during ...

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Industry Spotlight: Electronics Packaging

June 29, 2017

Ensuring a product moves from point A to point B safely is a major concern for our clients. When it comes to sensitive electronics, The BoxMaker has extensive experience with the variables of packaging electronic products for proper shipment, inspection, and storage ahead of installation.

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Fresh Off the Press 2017

June 22, 2017

Have you seen our latest projects? This week we share with you some of our favorite Fresh Off the Press items from the first half of 2017. Looking for a weekly dose of inspiration? Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our weekly #FreshOffThePress post!

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Evolving Solutions: Foam In Place

March 16, 2017

You’ve heard it said that change is the only constant, and the protective packaging industry is no exception. So how do we cope here at The BoxMaker? Evolve with it, of course! Creating more advanced and sustainable solutions to meet a variety of packaging needs is always on our radar as we ...

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Your Client's Unboxing Experience

February 18, 2016

You could have the best and most innovative product to offer the market, but it risks being overlooked without an effective - and engaging - packaging experience. The first step to boosting sales is realizing that your packaging is the first impression of your product.

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Your Single-Source Supplier: Design Through Fulfillment

January 28, 2016

While we began as a brown box plant, manufacturing only corrugated packaging, The BoxMaker has become a one-stop-shop for all of your packaging needs. Other than getting better at what we already do, our team is dedicated to learning, and continuing to grow our strong foundation of packaging ...

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Get to Know a Department: Foam & Fulfillment

September 17, 2015

Product protection can take many forms, but it all comes down to the presentation and the impression it leaves on your end customer. Safely packaged products produce happy customer experiences. As a full packaging house, we have the capability to produce a variety of foam solutions to satisfy your ...

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Get to Know a Department: Design

September 10, 2015

To design a container without a clear understanding of its entire lifecycle is like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle without looking at the box it came in. It takes big picture thinking to discover opportunities to save clients time and money while protecting their products and ultimately, their ...

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A New Medium: Digitally Printing On Foam

March 26, 2015

It’s unique, it’s new, and you’re pretty curious.

Looking to shake up the way you brand your story through print? Over the years, digital printing technologies have welcomed opportunities to experiment on a variety of substrates, but here at The BoxMaker we are always looking for innovative ...

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More Than Just Boxes: The BoxMaker’s 5 Divisions

March 05, 2015

Sometimes you just need a brown box, but more often than not you need a complex solution to help with your packaging.

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