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Keeping Up with The BoxMakers

April 13, 2017

Are You “In the Know?”

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Integrating Packaging and Logistics

January 05, 2017

As your one-stop packaging partner, The BoxMaker strives to achieve the most efficient lean operations by integrating packaging with logistics. We streamline the packaging process and cut unnecessary costs – not only within our own facility, but for our clients too.

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Lean Manufacturing and ELEVATE: Facilitating Improvement Every Day

June 09, 2016

At The BoxMaker, we maintain high operational efficiency through daily implementation of Lean Manufacturing. This system, based on the twin pillars of eliminating waste and continuous improvement, gives power to frontline workers to implement changes to speed production. Lean is no magic bullet, ...

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A Culture of Innovation at The BoxMaker

May 12, 2016

The excitement of innovation touches every department at The BoxMaker. In a manufacturing plant, innovation influences both products and processes. While products tend to get the bigger buzz, it's the processes that get the most attention. Production needs more visibility from order entry, customer ...

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The BoxMaker is Your Packaging Management System

April 14, 2016

Each of our clients has unique needs that often change – especially considering the new possibilities with today’s digital packaging and design innovations. Take a look at how The BoxMaker applies Esko Web Center to become your single-solution Packaging Management System, allowing us to manage all ...

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Building a Foundation of Innovation

April 07, 2016

Quarter number two has officially begun, and we’re excited to talk in the coming months about what Building a Foundation of Innovation looks like at The BoxMaker.

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A Lean, Mean, ELEVATE Machine

March 03, 2016

A Lean Story

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Your Single-Source Supplier: Design Through Fulfillment

January 28, 2016

While we began as a brown box plant, manufacturing only corrugated packaging, The BoxMaker has become a one-stop-shop for all of your packaging needs. Other than getting better at what we already do, our team is dedicated to learning, and continuing to grow our strong foundation of packaging ...

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The Best of The BoxMaker

December 31, 2015

Here at The BoxMaker, our team prides itself on innovation. Our award-winning structural design studio uses the latest industry-leading 3D modeling and CAD systems and specialized design software. With these tools under our belt, our capacity to meet the most demanding specifications and ...

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Cut Labor in Half with Improvements in Foam and Fulfillment

June 12, 2014
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