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Your Single-Source Supplier: Design Through Fulfillment

January 28, 2016

While we began as a brown box plant, manufacturing only corrugated packaging, The BoxMaker has become a one-stop-shop for all of your packaging needs. Other than getting better at what we already do, our team is dedicated to learning, and continuing to grow our strong foundation of packaging knowledge, which in turn provides greater opportunity for our clients and coworkers to expand their capabilities. Don’t bother juggling ideas, supplies, fulfillment, and finishing touches between countless companies – instead, streamline your process working with The BoxMaker to save time and resources. Here’s how:

Packaging Design
Our award-winning design studio is equipped with not only the latest prototyping and 3D-modeling software, but also our team of award-winning designers who are dedicated, creative, and want to see your dreams become a reality. We have the capacity to meet your most demanding specifications, which makes us uniquely qualified to handle the growing needs of clients in any industry. We want to bring our packaging expertise into the vision you already have for your brand.

Visit our design page!

Custom Manufacturing
After packaging design what’s next? The production of your custom packaging, from protective packaging manufactured in our corrugated and foam divisions, to decorative packaging manufactured in our label and digital corrugated divisions. We can also produce corrugated displays to take your brand vision to the next level. Check out our Retail Display program, featuring sixteen different displays from counter-top to floor-ready. Just add your design, and go to production!

With over 10,000 standard items in stock or readily available, The BoxMaker can help you streamline and consolidate your supply chain. We have stock boxes, protective mailers, pads, single-face rolls, tapes, and bubble wrap, just to name a few! The BoxMaker also represents some of the industry’s top innovators and producers. We focus on being a solution-provider, which means we are material neutral when it comes to helping you find the best packaging solution.

View our entire inventory here.

Fulfillment, Kitting, & Packout
Let us do the heavy lifting! Fulfillment, kitting, and packout details are too often scrambled or lost in the gaps between various suppliers and services. If you work with The BoxMaker to bring your packaging to completion, your success is our success. The BoxMaker can procure all raw materials, provide structural design and packaging integrity, carry out assembly – including stocked in-store displays – complete any labeling or digital printing projects, follow up with quality assurance, and more. We’re an extension of your very own brand!

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Supply Chain Management & Lean Operations Evaluation
We believe success is so much more than a good box. If you partner with The BoxMaker, we’ll look for ways to cut costs and increase the efficiency of your business. Supply chain management follows the entire lifecycle of a product, from raw material procurement to delivery and end use, including the movement and conversion of materials between all entities involved in any part of the finished product. When all is said and done, we can provide lean operations evaluations as a proud facilitator of ELEVATE – a unique, web-based process developed to help evaluate and improve clients’ business processes. Learn about The BoxMaker’s own lean best practices, and how we can help your business achieve the same efficiency!

Learn more about our lean best practices.


If you haven’t caught on by now, The BoxMaker does much more than make boxes. Your business, brand, and vision are unique – we want to provide you with all of your packaging needs, and position your product, your business, and your people for success.

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