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Structural Design’s Role in Your Packaging Process

August 04, 2016

From wine bottles to circuit boards to stuffed animals to processed cheese, products have a wide range of packaging requirements. Making sure a product is properly contained requires the detailed process of structural design. The BoxMaker’s award-winning design studio realizes every aspect of container customization, including CAD design, material specification, and prototype fabrication. Proper and effective structural design has a huge impact on your product arriving safely, and often also takes into account how the product is displayed to the consumer.

Making Your Product Safe

Making sure each customized box properly protects its contents involves managing factors including weight tolerance, rigidity requirements, and contamination risk. To ensure product structural safety, our designers use a wide range of materials such as corrugated, polyurethane or polyethylene foam, EPS, Falconboard®, Hexacomb®, and SBS paperboard.

Keeping Your Product Insulated

Obviously, food items have specific temperature requirements, whether staying hot or cold. But other products require insolation from climate extremes, including certain electronics, fine art, and aerosols. Designers utilize combinations of materials, thicknesses, and box dimensions to make sure all contents are sufficiently protected against damage due to both impact and temperature.

Getting Your Product Noticed

From custom windows and shapes to vibrant colors and unique materials, engaging container design can make all the difference. Our design staff boasts shelves of awards for innovative product packaging. We use the latest CAD systems for 3D modeling, and our state-of-the-art digital production equipment enables quick prototypes so that you can easily compare options and determine what will best catch eyes, and boost sales.

Find out more about our design capabilities, and how The BoxMaker can customize packaging to meet your product’s specific needs. Contact us today!

Structural Design

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