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Spicing Up Your Holiday Packaging Displays

July 20, 2017

It may be the middle of July, but September is just around the corner, which means that holiday retail promotions will be in full swing by October and go strong through December. It's time to start thinking about your retail holiday displays now.

Throughout the fall, with people walking aisles stocked with appropriately themed holiday merchandise, it is important to make those products stand out. A properly placed retail display that catches the consumer's eye can be the difference between impressive sales numbers and products left sitting on shelves. Presentation is key.

Here are several ways to keep your displays fresh and engaging this holiday season:

Switch It Up with Digital
Digital print empowers your brand to quickly and easily update your retail display graphics for every holiday. From Labor Day end-of-summer barbecues to the first tailgate parties of the football season, your brand can better connect with the holiday activities of your consumers through time-appropriate graphics. With litho-lam lead times being 6-8 weeks, digital is a dramatically faster option, without sacrificing quality.

Tims Cascade Snacks Retail Display


Streamline Your Display Designs
Why reinvent the wheel? Choosing from pre-existing designs can speed the process of production, getting your holiday display on the retail floor sooner than the competition. Not sure where to start? Check out The BoxMaker's Retail Display Program.

Speed to Market is (Literally) Everything
When a new holiday is around the corner and you're ready to jump on the next promotional opportunity, you want a retail display partner who's ready to jump with you. Look for a manufacturer who makes it easy for your team to quickly update your artwork and hit the "reorder" button - ensuring your displays make it to market in time to seize the holiday. During this busy season, there's no time to wait for new print plates and a cumbersome ordering process. Consumers expect your displays to be fresh in the aisle, make sure your brand delivers.


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