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Boost Product Protection with Foam-in-Place Packaging

December 20, 2018

The Importance of Protective Packaging

Imagine you’re shopping online for a gift. You finally come across exactly what you’re looking for and decide to make the purchase. A week later, your order arrives, but you’re devastated (and frustrated!) to find that the product has been damaged during shipping. As a result, you must undergo the troublesome process of initiating a return or exchange. 

If a similar situation has ever happened to you or a loved one, you’re not alone. An estimated 1 out of every 10 packages arrive damaged from shipping. Out of those packages, approximately half end in product damage. 


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The term “effective packaging” can mean many things. While packaging is used to reflect branding, communicate information, and appeal to consumers, its primary responsibility above all else is to protect the product within during transit. Even the most innovative product won't sell if it can’t be delivered to the end consumer without damage. This is why it’s imperative for brands to invest in a effective protective packaging solution.

Enter: foam-in-place — one of the most secure and convenient solutions for protective packaging on the market today.


Foam-in-Place Packaging — What is it?

Foam-in-place is a pre-molded foam solution that creates a completely custom protective layer of cushion, perfectly conformed to your product.

The foam-in-place process starts by combining two A/B chemicals. The reaction from the chemicals quickly create a foam cushion that expands to fill in the space between the product and packaging. Foam-in-place essentially forms a protective shell, allowing it to absorb shock and prevent damage during transit.




“Foam-in-place can be used for many different applications, but we often utilize it to protect expensive tooling, multi-piece machinery, and temperature-sensitive goods,” says Wayne Bates, Production Manager of Labels, Foam, and Fulfillment at The BoxMaker. “Ultimately, if your product is an irregular shape or extremely fragile in nature, foam-in-place is likely the ideal solution.”


Advantages of Foam-in-Place Packaging

From packing peanuts to molded foam, there are a wide variety of protective packaging solutions to choose from. Here are key advantages of utilizing foam-in-place over other alternatives:

Custom protection: Foam-in-place creates a custom mold around the product and fills contours that other packaging alternatives, such as bubble wrap, can’t reach. 

Maintain temperature: Foam-in-place maintains a high R-value, which is the measure of resistance to the flow of heat. This means that it can be used to insulate temperature-sensitive products.

Reduce packaging waste: Because foam-in-place starts off in a liquid form, it has a smaller environmental footprint than other protective packaging alternatives and helps reduce overall packaging waste.


Why Partner with a Foam-in-Place Provider?

For some brands, it may be tempting to take on the responsibility of applying foam-in-place in-house. However, it can be a pricey investment due to the cost of machinery, molds, and chemicals. Applying foam-in-place requires experience and training. Moreover, if incorrectly applied, it can lead to air pockets and other inconsistencies in packaging. This can result in product damage, returns, and consumer dissatisfaction.

Partnering with a packaging provider that offers foam-in-place ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of your packaging. Outsourcing foam-in-place also frees up valuable warehouse space at your facility.


Take Protective Packaging to the Next Level with The BoxMaker 

It’s safe to say the majority of consumers uphold the reasonable expectation that their product will arrive as expected and in complete working order. In today’s competitive marketplace, brands that don’t consistently meet this expectation will find themselves outmatched by their competitors at the end of the day.

The BoxMaker's Foam division is dedicated to protecting the integrity of your product and the reputation of your brand through our products and services, such as foam-in place, expanded polystyrene, cold chain packaging, and much more.

To get started, contact one of our experienced Packaging Advisors and we’ll help you determine the right protective packaging solution for your needs.


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