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The Latest Packaging Trend: Subscription Boxes

September 11, 2014


Personalized Product Selections for Today's Consumers

Personalization is the latest tactic that brands are wielding to generate a more loyal customer base, and it’s penetrating nearly every industry.

When you pair this trend with the fact that our society is busier than ever along with the rise of online ordering fueled by that lack of time, brands are making a big push toward subscription boxes. This model allows customers to receive “hand-picked,” curated products that are sent straight to his or her home or office each month.

It is in this niche that packaging is carving out a nice spot for itself. Whether you’re a foodie, a DIY craft junkie, or fashionista, there’s a subscription box out there for you.


Subscription Box Packaging

Subscription boxes are no ordinary RSC mailers. Not only do they have to be sturdy enough to protect its cargo, but also the graphic and structural design must be up to par to reflect brand aesthetic.

The real challenge subscription packaging must meet is to make receiving the box an experience in itself, and a highly anticipated one at that. If a customer has taken the time to sign up for this service, you can bet they will take the time to scrutinize each component of the box – both its contents and the packaging.

This trend is great news for the packaging industry, because it presents the perfect opportunity for packaging to capitalize on its versatile and impactful qualities, two things few other industries can claim.


Joining the Bandwagon: Green Wagon Foods

The BoxMaker recently began working with new subscription box client, Green Wagon Foods. Green Wagon is a subscription service of curated organic snacks to individuals, businesses and office groups.


As a full-service packaging provider, The BoxMaker was able to provide Green Wagon Foods with a complete solution for their subscription box needs.

The BoxMaker provided a custom box to promote the brand, as well as all printed labels on our Indigo digital label press. Our Supplies division was able to source the right stand-up pouch, gel packs, and void fill for a safe shipment and heightened out-of-the-box experience. We also manage the receiving and co-packing of the snack ingredients, and our Fulfillment Services division manages the finished goods inventory, pack-out and order fulfillment to each end user on behalf of Green Wagon Foods. 

By leveraging the strengths of everything The BoxMaker can do for subscription box service clients, Green Wagon Foods is able to concentrate solely on sales, marketing and customer service efforts, streamlining their business processes and expenses.


Subscription Box Packaging on Demand:

If your new or growing subscription box brand is in need of beautiful, full-color printed packaging on a quick timeline, our sister brand is the perfect solution for you. Fantastapack offers digitally printed subscription box packaging, available to be ordered online and ready to ship in 10 days or less after receiving your artwork.


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