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Lean Manufacturing and ELEVATE: Facilitating Improvement Every Day

June 09, 2016

At The BoxMaker, we maintain high operational efficiency through daily implementation of Lean Manufacturing. This system, based on the twin pillars of eliminating waste and continuous improvement, gives power to frontline workers to implement changes to speed production. Lean is no magic bullet, but rather a consistent process of streamlining and refining all areas of production.

To realize the potential of Lean, we employ the principals of 6S:

Sort – Throw out unused items and segregate those used once a week or less. Only items used regularly should remain in work areas.

Order – Place items for easiest access with clear labeling.

Shine – Keep work areas clean and clutter-free. Place trash cans and recycling bins close to areas that generate trash. Keep cleaning supplies available where they are used most frequently.

Standardize – Create repeatable standards that can be applied to more than just a single area or machine.

Sustain – Management must support these efforts with coworkers. And coworkers must engage with each other and management to maintain improvement.

Safety – See your environment in a different way. Safety could be as simple as clearing a walkway, or as complex as cleaning and repairing a piece of floor equipment.

In addition to our own facility, we help clients institute Lean practices at their facilities. Over the past 24 months, clients have reported saving greater than 10% through improved packaging efficiencies vs. 2-3% from an RFP/RFQ process. Our team of Six Sigma Black Belts conduct onsite Lean Operations Evaluations. Through our membership in AFFLINK’s single-source network, we offer ELEVATE, a web app to help you get started.

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Visit our ELEVATE page here.

To learn more about The BoxMaker’s Lean initiatives and stay up-to-date with the latest from our team, please visit our Lean Blog.

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