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Integrating Packaging and Logistics To Control Cost

January 05, 2017

As your one-stop packaging partner, The BoxMaker strives to achieve the most efficient lean operations by integrating packaging with logistics. We streamline the packaging process and cut unnecessary costs – not only within our own facility, but for our clients too.

Often, packaging and logistics are split into separate conversations, mainly because a purchasing team might be responsible for the cost of goods, while the logistics team and warehouse personnel deal with freight costs. Integrating the two conversations can dramatically cut costs overall, and improve your speed-to-market.

The Big Picture
During the discovery phase of a project, you start developing the big picture. Information collected from this phase leads to packaging design: Is there an opportunity to improve upon dimensional weight, or utilization of cubic space on the truck? Delivery is the third step. As you align your packaging needs with fulfillment, distribution, and logistics, you will gain a more complete view of the entire product lifecycle, which brings to the surface ample opportunities to streamline big picture processes and optimize your supply chain.

Simply Less Stuff
Streamlining the entire product lifecycle allows you to operate without multiple pieces of equipment where only one piece is necessary, or acquire too much surplus inventory. You can know exactly how much you have, how much you need, and what you can responsibly order in bulk. You’ll find more time to focus on sustainability efforts, which can produce a variety of benefits from general waste reduction, to lower raw materials costs, to effective marketing material.

A Fraction of the Freight
When you utilize your resources more effectively throughout the process, you spend less overall. Plus, now that you can see the big picture – how packaging and logistics integrate – you can focus on ways to use less material, reduce the weight of your shipments and maximize the efficiency of the cubic footprint of your transportation method. The BoxMaker is particularly experienced working with clients to cut material and freight costs during the discovery phase with our Lean Operations Evaluation, ELEVATE.

Get in touch with The BoxMaker today to learn more about dimensional weight for UPS shipments that require less void fill and smaller overall package size. We can also take a look at our eco-friendly ECORRCRATE option – this shipping method can minimize your freight costs while greatly improving the safety of shipping even your heavy and bulky items.


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