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Meet the Ecorrcrate: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Wood Crates

October 24, 2019

With the rise in forest conservation awareness, it has become apparent that reducing wood waste is a crucial sustainability practice. Wood crates are among the most commonly used shipping solutions. However, many brands are realizing the ramifications that wood crates can have on the environment and their bottom-line.

Wooden shipping containers present a growing environmental challenge. Consuming an estimated 50 percent of the US’s annual hardwood harvest, nearly two billion wood pallets are currently in circulation in the US, with a majority of them replaced each year. Since these products often have galvanized nails that are difficult to remove, a large percentage of wood pallets and crates end up in landfills.

For many brands, freight expenses represent a large portion of supply chain costs. Although they are built to withstand damage, wood crates are heavy, bulky, and can significantly increase the cost of shipping. For these reasons and more, many brands are now exploring more sustainable and cost-effective crating alternatives.

One possible solution? The Ecorrcrate.


Introducing the Ecorrcrate 

Created by a team of corrugated experts, the Ecorrcrate is an eco-friendly crating solution designed to match the durability of a traditional wood crate. It is made using Ecorrboard, which combines corrugation, glues, and special coatings to form a strong and water-resistant material. In fact, Ecorrboard has been proven to meet or exceed the strength of most wood crates in lab tests.


Ecorrcrate Crating


Many brands prefer the Ecorrcrate over traditional shipping containers for its recyclability. Depending on the destination of the shipment and the product inside, the Ecorrcrate can also be reused multiple times. 

From a cost perspective, the Ecorrcrate offers many advantages. Since the product is less expensive than most wood crates, brands save on upfront supply costs. It’s worth noting that the Ecorrcrate weighs less than half the amount of a standard wood crate. As a result, brands can expect lower freight costs as it requires less fuel consumption for shipping — which is ultimately better for the environment. 

The cost savings of the Ecorrcrate are passed on to the end-user as well. For example: if Company A ships a wood crate to Company B, Company B is responsible for the fees and labor associated with properly disposing of the wood crate. On the other hand, the Ecorrcrate is curbside recyclable — no fees or special disposal methods required.


Benefits of Utilizing the Ecorrcrate

Along with durability, recyclability, and cost-effectiveness, the Ecorrcrate offers a host of supply chain benefits for brands. Here are some lesser-known advantages:

Space-saving: Because it ships in a compact knockdown format, the Ecorrcrate takes up significantly less warehouse space compared to wood crates.  



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Easy to Assemble: An added benefit to the compact structure of the Ecorrcrate is that it assembles in minutes, without the need for heavy-duty tools. The quick and easy assembly process streamlines production and cuts down on labor costs.  

Safety: Wood crates often require specific equipment for packing, unpacking, and disposal. Tools such as crowbars, pliers, and drills, increase the likelihood of workplace injuries. The Ecorrcrate offers easier employee handling, minimizing the risk of injury.

Customizable: The Ecorrcrate can be customized to specific size requirements and configurations to ensure proper product protection, reducing the need for void fill and minimizing waste in the supply chain.


Schedule a Consultation with Your Pacific Northwest Packaging Provider 

In today’s consumer-driven marketplace, sustainability is no longer just a buzzword — it is now an expectation. Leading brands are exploring innovative ways to minimize waste and reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain process. The Ecorrcrate is one of the many sustainable packaging solutions The BoxMaker can provide to help improve your environmental profile and benefit your bottom line.

To learn more about the Ecorrcrate, schedule a consultation with one of our Packaging Advisors today. 

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