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Packaging Needs of a “Budding” Industry

September 08, 2016

Cannabis markets in Washington and Oregon have been exploding. Since enacting recreational marijuana laws, hundreds of dispensaries in both states have opened their doors to residents aged 21 and over. Shoppers can choose from dozens of cannabis strains, as well as a growing selection of edibles, oils, and other goods. Along with these new products come specialized packaging needs.

Labeling Requirements

Labeling requirements for cannabis products vary by state, and are continually changing. Labels must list ingredients, contact info, and warnings, among other information. Fortunately, digital production makes updating labels easy and inexpensive. Digital print doesn’t require print plates and can be changed as easily as uploading new art. Obsolescence needn’t be a huge expense to your business needs.

Child Proofing

In addition to sealed, airtight containment, cannabis products have the additional need for child proofing. The BoxMaker features a range of flexible childproof packaging, including specialized one-time-use containers for this unique industry.

Engaging Design

In a market where every product is new, and more arriving every week, an eye-catching design is crucial for success. Colorful graphics and unique form factors can generate immediate sales, and build long-term branding. The BoxMaker’s digitally printed boxes can make a huge difference when you are competing on the shelf.

Whatever your packaging needs, The BoxMaker has the products, technology, and people to make your product shine.


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