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A Lean, Mean, ELEVATE Machine

March 03, 2016

A Lean Story

Tina Rospond, The BoxMaker’s Portland Branch Manager, has exciting news from the lean manufacturing front line!

During one of our client visits, the client mentioned how frustrated they were because someone had stolen their entire pallet inventory over the weekend. Our client had begun using brand-new wooden pallets with an annual volume of 12,000 units at the cost of $162,000. The BoxMaker’s Portland sales team addressed the challenge right away, using ELEVATE tools to conduct a new site needs analysis.

This client stored several thousand pallets outside at all times, and the ELEVATE analysis findings indicated that they were losing 10% of their inventory due to weather or theft. During the discovery phase, The BoxMaker decided that the pallets needed to be treated export pallets, and needed to hold up to 2,000 pounds of product.

The Solution
After engaging our Sourcing Team to find the right provider, we tested a #1-used treated pallet with the capacity to hold 2,000 pounds of product. We tested 200 pallets with 0 fails. The client signed a year’s contract to allow The BoxMaker to deliver 200 pallets at a time with a product cost savings of $60,000 annually, along with cutting $1,560 in loss and damage costs.

What Can Lean Do For You?
To learn what a fresh dose of lean can do for your business, begin by checking out The BoxMaker’s new Lean Blog, featuring Daniel Dixon – our own Director of Lean Operations.

The BoxMaker doesn’t want to stop at “supplier” – we want to partner with you, and see your business succeed on all fronts. This includes not only all of your packaging needs, but supply chain management, fulfillment, and all of the other logistical details that have an effect on your bottom line. The BoxMaker is a proud facilitator of ELEVATE – the unique, web-based process that, as you can see by Tina’s story, works wonders for our customers.

Let us help you save time, engage your workforce, and boost production by contacting our team of lean experts today!

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