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Industry Spotlight: Small Business

May 18, 2017

This week we’re taking a look at how The BoxMaker is uniquely set up to meet the needs of small businesses. When we opened our doors in 1981, our two founders did everything they could to make ends meet while launching the company. Dave Hill led production and sales, while Dave Taylor continued to work another job in conjunction with his time spent at The BoxMaker. Since that time we have grown exponentially, but because of our humble beginnings, understand the challenges that small businesses face on a daily basis.

The challenge: cost and inventory management.

Often the most challenging aspect of packaging for small businesses is the cost itself. When you're just starting out, you have limited cash flow to invest in packaging inventory or supplies that are waiting to be used. Many packaging vendors are set up to best serve clients who place very large orders, and so the cost to purchase from these vendors is not only high but also locks you into a volume you are not ready to take on.

There are also other costs to consider beyond the box. If your company is purchasing common supplies such as tape and bubble, void fill, and other items such as bathroom and utility supplies, you may be purchasing these products from various vendors and at a high cost for low volume.

The solution: an all-in-one partner who can scale!

The BoxMaker is a "just right" fit packaging company for small businesses. Our products, services, and manufacturing capabilities are all geared to scale with your business as you grow. Whether you are in need of a few hundred boxes, several retail displays, general industrial supplies, or a short run of professional sales kits to help grow your business, our team of professionals can work with you and escalate to your specific needs.

Our small business solutions include:

  • Design services: Meet with a member of our award-winning structural design team to develop your new packaging or evaluate your current packaging to optimize performance
  • Just-in-time inventory management: The BoxMaker offers warehousing services and inventory management to help businesses with limited floor space store packaging and supplies on-site with us and only have delivered what you need when you need it
  • Digital packaging and display: The benefits of digital are many, but one of the main features applicable to small businesses is the ability to achieve cost-effective short runs without the need to invest in expensive plates or dies
  • 10,000 standard supply items in stock: The BoxMaker is your go-to source for packaging and industrial supplies, as well as custom items for your business

All I need is a box!

For clients seeking a simple box and label solution who would prefer to manage their current packaging needs through an online retailer, The BoxMaker offers, a 100% online web-to-print solution with over 30 styles of boxes and labels to choose from. Fantastapack allows you to upload completely custom, highly graphic artwork, and your order is quickly produced on our digital presses for both corrugated and label. This is a great solution for growing businesses who's packaging will appear in the retail environment or will be the primary representation of your brand as your product is delivered directly to consumers (eCommerce).

Get started today.

Our team prides itself on treating our clients both large and small with the same degree of importance and service. We look forward to the opportunity to help solve your unique small business packaging needs!


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