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Graphic Packaging - A Game Changer

April 28, 2016

The BoxMaker is excited to announce the latest expansion of our graphic packaging capabilities this month! Our team knows that in order to innovate for our clients, we need to take advantage of the latest and greatest technology. How exactly does this benefit you? Increased speed + greater capacity + highly improved print quality (HDR, on press color calibration) = delivering unique and high-impact corrugated packaging and displays!

Make your product the center of your customer’s attention.
With your packaging, you’re after an amazing customer experience. This means utilizing new approaches to personalization, SKU proliferation, and on-package campaigns that create one-to-one experiences and relationships with your customers.

Stay ahead of your competition – way ahead.
Time to market is critical, and the latest addition to The BoxMaker’s digital team can get you there. Our automated packaging management system streamlines the whole process, and paired with greater capacity and ability to print direct-to-substrate, it makes for rapid production times without ever sacrificing quality. That kind of speed means an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on market responsiveness as a key differentiator. You’ll beat them there, and you’ll look good doing it.

All of this without compromise. In fact, with some great benefits.
Our latest press investment is the highest quality digital output available. What’s more, it’s fast enough to enable you to have even finer control over waste, just-in-time inventory management, start-up costs, and even some of the soft costs associated with supply chain management.

The BoxMaker team is excited to be a game changer in digital packaging, and would love to help you get started on your next packaging or display project today!

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