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Get to Know a Department: Foam & Fulfillment

September 17, 2015

Product protection can take many forms, but it all comes down to the presentation and the impression it leaves on your end customer. Safely packaged products produce happy customer experiences. As a full packaging house, we have the capability to produce a variety of foam solutions to satisfy your unique needs.

And we don’t just stop at packaging. Many companies are discovering the advantages of locally outsourcing warehousing, assembly, and shipping. The BoxMaker can help you save valuable time and free up resources, while minimizing the costs associated with shipping products to your customers.

For the third installment of our Get to Know a Department series, we caught up with Justin Stacey, director of foam and fulfillment, to learn just how these divisions work.

 What is your role at The BoxMaker?
“As the director for both the foam and fulfillment divisions, my responsibilities touch sales, marketing, operations, and financials.”

 What happens within each department?
“When it comes to foam we are a true fabricator, meaning we purchase raw materials and apply labor to produce finished goods. Our materials range from closed cell foams, open cell foams, corrugated material, HEXACOMB, digital print, as well as customer supplied materials. We have many fabricating machines and a skilled workforce to make The BoxMaker’s designs come to life.

In terms of fulfillment, we are a value added process. Our capabilities include assembly, kitting, labeling, product placement, order fulfillment, and quality control. As a manufacturer and distributor, The BoxMaker excels at making and shipping products. Value added services come in to play when we enable our clients to outsource anything from labor to warehousing, logistics to quality control, and from design services to supply chain management. We become an extension of their client satisfaction experience.”

What are the high level goals of these departments?
“Best-in-class client experience, quality products and services, and on-time delivery are goals shared among all divisions within The BoxMaker.”

 What are you delivering for the client?
“Peace of mind. Products from our foam division generally address the fragile needs of our clients, and their products they need to protect. With fulfillment, we deliver value added services that help our clients save time, money, and headaches.”

 What does the process look like?
“The process always starts with the client’s needs. Once our sales team has identified those needs, or design and estimating teams work to deliver the right solutions. After samples are approved and we receive an order, material is procured and production scheduling begins.  Final products go through last quality checks, are packed for transit, and are then moved from ‘work in progress’ to ‘finished goods’ for warehousing or shipping.”

 What would happen if this department didn’t exist?
"Every division and team within The BoxMaker is equally valuable to the needs of our diverse client base. Without foam division, or the value added offerings of fulfillment, we would be doing a disservice to our clients by only offering a small portion of their packaging needs.”

What are the values that the department holds to?
“We value the trust our clients give us, and strive to deliver on that trust every day we come to work.”

Check back next week to get to know the digital department!

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