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Get to Know a Department: Design

September 10, 2015

To design a container without a clear understanding of its entire lifecycle is like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle without looking at the box it came in. It takes big picture thinking to discover opportunities to save clients time and money while protecting their products and ultimately, their reputations. Companies invest their vision, energy, and livelihood into the products they create, but what the customers sees is the package that arrives. The BoxMaker works with clients from concept to completion to ensure each package delivers a positive and lasting impression.

Our award-winning design studio uses industry-leading 3D modeling/CAD systems, along with specialized corrugated and folding carton design software, to develop full-scale prototypes based on your actual product or 3D model. Cushioning materials and full mock-ups are integral parts of every design project, and The BoxMaker’s capacity to meet the most demanding specifications and schedules makes us uniquely qualified to handle the growing needs of clients in any industry.

We sat down with Peter Stalham, Structural Design Manager, to hear about the inner workings of The BoxMaker Design team.

What is your role and what does it entail?
“As the Structural Design Manager, I have two main roles - to manage day to day operations within our department of five folks, and to work with clients to develop designs.”

What happens within your department?
“The design department exists to support the sales staff by developing package designs and making prototypes.”

What are you delivering for the client?
“We are delivering packaging designs that work not just to contain products, but to protect, communicate a brand message, and sell. The high level goals are to deliver creative, quality, sustainable solutions consistently and with efficiency.”

What does the process look like?
“The process involves taking the client’s product and their needs, communicating our ideas back to the client, developing the design, and finally – the prototype.”

What would happen if this department didn’t exist?
“Without our staff of experienced designers, quality, creativity, service, and efficiency would diminish. So it’s best we stick around!”

We carefully design every facet of a product’s packaging to maximize protection, efficiency and, of course, visual impact. Get in touch today to talk about designing your next packaging prototype, and check back next week to “Get to Know” the Foam & Fulfillment departments!

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