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Experience the Power of Packaging

January 12, 2017

In 2017, The BoxMaker invites you to Experience the Power of Packaging. We are the Pacific Northwest leader in packaging innovation, providing integrated services and solutions that effectively address our clients’ business needs.

When we partner with you, we deliver an experience in three key areas:

Industry Experience
Our team of packaging professionals have years of experience in the packaging industry, and our clients benefit from their vast knowledge. Through our discovery process and consultative approach, The BoxMaker partners with clients to clarify their business needs and provide effective solutions. By understanding how your business operates at a deeper level, we are able to deliver products and services that focus on the big picture to benefit your bottom line. As your all-in-one packaging partner, The BoxMaker provides custom solutions to maximize your people, processes, and brand.

The Client Experience
Service. Respect. Excellence. These are The BoxMaker values, and they inform how we approach our clients and our work every day. We believe in being more than a vendor – and going above and beyond to truly add value to your business is our driving motivation.

The BoxMaker is known for a level of responsive, agile, high touch service that is unrivaled by either our regional or national competitors. We make it a point to know what our customers need, often before they do. With skill and integrity, The BoxMaker closes the gaps between words and actions, expectations and reality, design and fulfillment.

The Consumer Experience
Today more than ever before, packaging plays a crucial role in the buying decision of end customers – be it in the grocery store aisle, the big box store that presents an overwhelming amount of choice, or online where your product must compete with countless others without being experienced first-hand – packaging is often the differentiator that makes your product shine.

The success of a package goes far beyond the impact to the consumer on the retail shelf. Effective packaging is designed to protect your product and deliver it to its destination unharmed – preserving your brand promise. Additionally, effective packaging should be easy to use and enhance the product experience for the consumer. A successful packaging interaction builds brand loyalty and earns repeat business.

From our award-winning design studio to our cutting-edge digital print technology, The BoxMaker is committed to investing in the people and technology that can enhance how your customers experience your product through packaging.

Putting it All Together
Our comprehensive products and services, fueled by a commitment to innovation, is what sets The BoxMaker apart. From custom packaging design, manufacturing, and printing through fulfillment and beyond, everything we do is to support the client and deliver an experience. Whether we are applying our lean business expertise to streamline inventory, choosing sustainable materials to reduce our impact on the environment, or leading our client through a comprehensive business review, our actions enable others to Experience the Power of Packaging.

See for yourself! Contact The BoxMaker today to find out how we can deliver an exceptional packaging experience for your business in 2017.


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