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Building a Foundation of Innovation at DSCOOP 2016

April 21, 2016

This week, we caught up with The BoxMaker’s Director of Innovation and Emerging Business, Justin Stacey, about last week’s DSCOOP Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Read what he has to say about the event!

This year’s DSCOOP (Digital Solutions Cooperative) annual tradeshow was a real eye opener for the future. Digital print is not only here to stay, but is projected to be one of the best growth sectors in the years to come. Housed in the Henry B. Gonzalez Conference Center, along the famous Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio, vendors mingled with print shop owners, prospective buyers, industry aficionados, and future-minded professionals looking for upcoming trends and opportunities. People from all over the globe descended a short walk from The Alamo to discuss the future.

Keynote speakers did not disappoint, as this year’s show hosted many enthusiastic titans of commerce, including an Apple co-founder. Inside the individual sessions, themes tackled all aspects of end-to-end transactions, from manufacturers to their B2B and B2C customers. The Cloud – that ominous spot in the sky where all of our data will be held in the future – was discussed at length in many sessions. As print files can be rather large, and the name of the game for differentiation is speed, the growing migration to cloud services will increase in both strength and speed.

Many vendors came to DSCOOP ready to present their latest software allowing business owners unprecedented visual understanding over their digital operations, from concept to shipping and tracking. As investment dollars grow with innovative technology, knowing and reacting to each aspect of your digital production is going to be the new litmus test for long-term success.

Another take away from everyone presenting in the web2print sector – if you aren’t using APIs to maximize data flow from client to machine, you are likely going to be left behind at port. Innovation is moving at unheralded speeds, and while everyone else is rowing to keep up, APIs are the twin outboard motors that are propelling industry leaders to the forefront.

AB Graphic International presented to a large group with the following statistics – digital press market presence is expected to grow 50% by 2019 and eclipse Flexo printing as the new standard in print delivery. Currently, North America has 25% of the world’s digital presses. You can expect that number to grow significantly in the coming years as asset owners across the country look to keep up with the changing technology and address the revolution in the demand-driven metrics of speed, personalization, lower waste and obsolescence, and high satisfaction.

Thanks for the recap, Justin! This quarter, The BoxMaker is celebrating our 35th Anniversary year by exploring our Foundation of Innovation. Be sure to keep up with our weekly blogs and monthly newsletters to hear about what we’re doing to lead the packaging industry with digital and technological innovations!

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