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A Client Success Story:

February 25, 2016

At The BoxMaker, we focus on helping companies with custom solutions for their unique business challenges. That’s why we want to share a client story! We teamed up with by providing customized packaging and fulfillment – you add your name, your unique story, and your own graphics, and we take care of the details that might otherwise fall through the cracks. We really believe that packaging is essential to getting your brand out there and standing out on the shelf. Don’t believe us? Take it from a client!

The BoxMaker and Founder Tyler Tate worked together to design subscription boxes that… well, we’ll just let Tyler tell you what happened next:

As a college student, I participated in a summer internship in Costa Rica where I had the opportunity to visit several coffee farms and meet the growers themselves. The experience opened my eyes to the very personal and down-to-earth nature (literally!) of coffee culture, as well as all of the nitty-gritty effort that goes into production. Years later, while sitting in a London coffee shop, I was inspired to create a marketplace that would not only connect people like you and me to exceptional single-origin coffees, but would help tell the story behind each bag, conveying that experience I had talking with the growers and walking around on the farms. Coffee with a story. That’s what is all about.

Crema needed to fill two gaps. First, we needed a custom-sized and branded mailer that we could use to ship coffee from the roaster to the customer. Second, since Crema wouldn’t roast or ship coffee ourselves, but rather have our partner roasters “drop ship” coffee directly to our customers, we needed a warehousing and fulfillment solution that could distribute mailers to the roasters as needed. Most other companies only do one or the other – we discovered that The BoxMaker did both really well.

We had zero prior experience creating packaging. The BoxMaker stepped in with their knowledge and expertise in a way that made all the difference to the finished product. The mailer is our customer’s one and only physical representation of our brand. It’s absolutely crucial to our business. It’s manufactured to be the perfect size for a bag of coffee, and is designed with a specific target weight that optimizes our postage costs.

In 2016, I look forward to shipping more boxes of coffee to happy, caffeinated customers!

If you’re in the middle of the hard work it takes to launch a new product, let alone a brand new business, let us help! Don’t leave packaging until the end of the conversation, because it might just be what you need to skyrocket your product to success. Contact The BoxMaker team today to get started!

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