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35 Ways of Doing Something Different

February 11, 2016

To help celebrate 35 Years of Doing Something Different, we've asked our team to offer some ways that they and The BoxMaker do things differently, as well as some ways we can help our clients make a difference, too!

Take a look at our ideas - is there something you can do differently this year?

  1. We don’t just process orders for our clients – we want to educate them, too! Have lunch with us and gain industry knowledge by attending a BoxMaker University Box Lunch Seminar.
  2. The BoxMaker offers plant tours – hosting an average of 3-4 every week – so clients can get an up-close and personal glimpse into our operations.
  3. 360° Reviews are The BoxMaker’s way to better understand our clients’ needs and encourage our team and theirs to collaborate on a regular basis.
  4. Redesign for the win! The BoxMaker’s structural design team avoids duplicating current packaging systems – they’re always up for the challenge of improving material savings, damage control, brand promotion, and sustainability.
  5. There are 19 different corrugated board combinations – are you sure you’re using the best material for your needs? Avoid over-packing (using a stronger material than is necessary) by letting The BoxMaker help you strategize.
  6. Creating a new Point of Purchase display can be timely and complex. Our Retail Display Program helps you streamline the process with sixteen (and growing) different displays supporting with CAD drawings, 3D renderings, and pricing instantly available at your fingertips.
  7. We go way beyond supplying you stock boxes. The BoxMaker consultants can streamline your box program to help you reduce void fill and spend less on shipping by lowering your dimensional weight.
  8. Streamline and consolidate your supply chain with some of the over 10,000 standard items The BoxMaker has either in stock or readily available.
  9. The BoxMaker offers 100% recycled corrugated material – it’s perfect for any environmentally-conscious client or sustainable supplier, and it’s the same price as standard corrugated packaging.
  10. The BoxMaker’s internal program, Coworkers Caught Doing Right, provides a way for coworkers to recognize each other for going above and beyond to help a client.
  11. The BoxMaker can tack supply chain management and lean operations evaluations on to our packaging sales – who wants to turn down the opportunity to save money?
  12. Our label capabilities are basically endless – digital, white ink, security ink, variable data, metallic, material flexibility, and more!
  13. The BoxMaker is consistently looking for ways to help you cut back on costs. For example, can you sleeve pack your product, instead of using a full carton?
  14. We have exceptional relationships with our suppliers. When a new product comes out, we’re the first to know, and we loop our clients in on the deal. For example, clients can use our newer, hybrid stretch film – the rolls are lighter, and you don’t have to use as much!
  15. Jump on the Bag N Box bandwagon! One truckload of 23L plastic bottles becomes only ¼ truckload when you ship Bag N Box style.
  16. Our corrugated division isn’t just churning out brown shipping boxes. We produce personalized, custom-printed sales kits on our digital wide-format printer in quantities from one to thousands!
  17. When you have multiple label skus, control your inventory by setting up a digital label program, so you can print what you need, when you need it, and how you need it.
  18. We love educating our coworkers as much as our clients, so we have internal avenues to continue training on manufacturing techniques, social media, and supply chain management – just to name a few hot topics.
  19. SALES-O-RAMA at the Seattle headquarters is a quarterly internal sales meeting where our sales team joins to strategize and share successes, as well as industry knowledge.
  20. We invest in the future of packaging by mentoring students, hiring interns, and speaking at local universities.
  21. Inside the Box: The BoxMaker Blog regularly covers topics that are relevant to our clients and the industry.
  22. We offer an incredible alternative to wooden pallets: ECORRCRATE is made out of 100% curbside recyclable corrugated material that’s strong enough to replace wooden shipping crates, yet weighs much less and takes up less space than wood.
  23. The BoxMaker is truly a one-stop shop. Our supplies division has all of the odds and ends you need, including tape, mailers, bubble wrap, janitorial supplies, and protective work wear.
  24. Our team is tuned into the latest trends in the packaging market, and we’re thrilled to share them with our clients. Sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch!
  25. The Lean Blog is a service for both clients and friends. Check out the latest post on our website to learn how you can start to save major costs!
  26. We’re local – to create corrugated materials, The BoxMaker uses paper primarily sourced on the west cost, and the corrugated material itself is all produced in the Puget Sound region.
  27. If you need protective interior packaging that only foam can provide, yet you want to go green, check out our sustainable Green Cell® and Restore® Mushroom Packaging options!
  28. Prototypes are an extremely effective tool at sales meetings – The BoxMaker creates these daily with our wide format digital printer and Kongsberg XPA table.
  29. We tweet! Our weekly programming, including #WordsmithWednesday and #TribeTuesday, engage with the emerging digital world.
  30. Streamline the process and order your custom packaging online through our partner, Fantastapack, for a 100% digital experience.
  31. The BoxMaker invests in continual eco-innovation. KLP (Kraft Lined Poly) is a greener alternative to corrugated, waxed boxes – and it’s curbside recyclable!
  32. Flat bed or rotary die cutting - it's your choice! We'll help walk you through the benefits of each, and decide which is best for your project.
  33. The BoxMaker uses two different printing methods produced in-house – digital and flexo – to meet the variable needs of our clients in both our label and corrugated divisions.
  34. Digital communication is quick, easy, and revolutionary – but face-to-face meetings in our brand-new Experience Center can be invaluable for brainstorming ideas and seeing your unique projects, firsthand.
  35. Our modern and interactive website is constantly evolving and growing – check out our gallery of custom work here!

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